Home Secrets Textiles is aptly located in the western region of the USA, conveniently nearby trade ports of Los Angeles. This bustling location serves as the headquarters for our rapid growing business of supplying clients, big or small, with a variety of fabrics suitable for draperies, upholsteries, pillows and accessories. Our in-house design studio puts us in league with the few top companies with regards to extraordinary designs and further attests to our dedication to produce the best-looking home decoration fabrics for any taste. With our group of talented and experienced designers, we constantly create competitively priced and extensively fashionable collection of fabrics that keep up with ever-changing trends of the home decor industry. Design-wise, we have proven ourselves to surpass expectations with our copyrighted fabrics of burnouts, bronzed jacquards, solid velvets and novelty items. And our close collaboration with mills in each and every stage of production is a guarantee that our products are of the highest quality and delivered in a timely manner. By not only focusing on the final product inspection, and involving ourselves in the entire production process we strive to meet our company's objective to provide the customer with the best service with integrity and ensure total quality assurance of our products. 

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